About Us



We are Karla and Patty, the duo behind Mrs. Love Jewelry. We started this journey in 2019, with big dreams and not a solid plan yet for making them happen, but we had something clear, we knew we wanted to transmit our love and passion for gems.

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, our  curated collection is made from carefully selected gemstones in combination with precious metals.



Our jewelry is crafted one by one, ensuring every item is completely unique. The sense of hardship, care, and attention to detail is embedded in each piece of jewelry.

100% handmade artisan jewelry
Created from the finest natural materials
We use traditional jewelry techniques 



We believe in the permanence of a piece and hope that people will treasure our jewelry pieces for generations to come.

Designed with love and Intention specially for you!


Karla +  Patty